The Santa Switch - Everyone knows about Santa. Now, it's Jessica's turn.
The Santa Switch brings a smart, modern Mrs. Claus to life!
When it comes to the biggest toy drop of the year, Santa typically receives all the fame and glory—but he could hardly make it happen alone. The clever, rhyming tales found in both The Santa Switch and A Trip for Mrs. Claus bring a smart, modern-day Mrs. Claus to life, shedding light on all the work she so tirelessly does to get everything ready for Santa's big, annual toy drop. Readers will feel inspired by Jessie’s capable and resilient nature, love Santa's sweet, laid-back style, and be touched by the love the famous duo shares. And, don't forget the goofy antics of the "Reins" and the elves, depicted through the book’s heart-warming, vividly detailed illustrations. (The Santa Switch is the recipient of a 2014 Mom's Choice Award (hardcover version), 2013 Cascade Writing Award, & 2013 Beverly Hills Book Award.)
Laura Lee Scott at A Trip For Mrs. C is here!
Once again told through the seamless pairing of rhythmic verse and sunny illustrations, A Trip for Mrs. Claus unfolds the day after Christmas, when a tireless Mrs. Claus and her "Mousy" side-kick take off for another fantastical adventure. This time, she's hitting the world's neediest places with a sleigh full of elf-grown produce and her "Auto Quilt Maker"...a magical sewing machine that spins leftover fabric scraps into gorgeous, one-of-a-kind quilts as she navigates the starry skies. (A Trip for Mrs. Clausis the recipient of a 2014 Mom's Choice Award.)
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Stay Tuned for Mousy's Epic Tale!
Our third, exciting book stars Mrs. Claus' best friend, and everyone's favorite "Mousy" sidekick! Just like Mrs. Claus, Mousy isn't afraid of dreaming big, or calling up her courage and giant-sized heart to do truly amazing things. Expected publication: October 2016.