The Santa Switch - Everyone knows about Santa. Now, it's Jessica's turn.
The Santa Switch brings a modern Mrs. Claus to life!
When it comes to the biggest toy drop of the year, Santa typically receives all the fame and glory—but he could hardly make it happen alone. This humorous, rhyming tale brings a smart, modern-day Mrs. Claus to life, shedding light on all the work she so tirelessly does to get everything ready for Santa's big, annual toy drop. Readers will feel inspired by Jessie’s capable and resilient nature, love Santa's sweet, laid-back style, and be touched by the love the famous duo shares. And, don't forget the goofy antics of the "Reins" and the elves, depicted through the book’s heart-warming, vividly detailed illustrations.
Laura Lee Scott at An empowering message you won't want to miss!
If you’re to just one new book this year, make sure it’s The Santa Switch. This award-winning, classic-in-the-making, written by Laura Lee Scott and illustrated by Cheryl Crouthamel, is sure to touch hearts and funny bones of both young and the young-at-heart, while capturing the best qualities of the holiday season – generosity, compassion, and love. For your convenience, you can purchase the book directly from this site, or it at a growing number of bookstores, boutiques, and throughout the state of Oregon. (A specific list of stores carrying The Santa Switch during the 2013 holiday season can be found below.)
It's all "in the cards" with Jessica Claus
Last but not least, be sure to out our  line of Jessica Claus-inspired Christmas cards, featuring artwork from The Santa Switch you can't find anywhere else. (You'll find our new "Cup-O-Love" there too!)
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During the upcoming holiday season, find The Santa Switch in the following store locations. (Additional stores to come for the 2014 holiday season.)

Market of Choice (all Oregon )
Made In Oregon (various locations)
Paulina Springs Bookstore, Sisters & Redmond
Coco & Toulouse Go Shopping, Southwest Portland